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Cisco IOS

Page Network address Translation (NAT) support for IPSec ESP
How to allow multiple host-to-host IPSEC tunnels through a Cisco IOS firewall with NAT
Page Static Network Address Translation (NAT) in the context of a 'crypto map' based IPSec tunnel
How to overcome static NAT entries acting on traffic for IPSec tunnels
Page New Zealand Daylight Saving Time (DST) Changes for 2007
IOS configuration for setting the clock to support New Zealand daylight time
Page Logging to a syslog or rsyslog host from Cisco IOS
Page A workaround for NAT rewriting DNS packets
When the IP adddress of the host (on the outside) making a DNS query is in the answer, the Cisco NAT fails to successfully forward the DNS reply.
Page Cisco 800 configuration for EUBA PPPoE with ISP Snap Internet
A Cisco 877 configuration (IOS v15.1) for SNAP internet with PPPoE over a Telecom Wholesale EUBA circuit.
Folder bug
Page A zone based firewall (ZBFW) configuration for Steam games
A template to allow client support for steam games on a Cisco IOS firewall using ZBFW
Page Snap Internet IPv6 DSL Information
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