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Draytek Vigor 120v2 firmware upgrade

This shows a gallery of steps to upgrade the firmware on a Daytek Vigor 120 v2 ADSL modem from v3.2.6 to v3.2.6.1.

From the howto choose the appropriate firmware file (i.e. *.all or *.rst):

  • *.all firmware format will remain the former configurations after upgrading firmware.

  • *.rst firmware format will make the configurations be back to default settings after upgrading firmware.



Prior to the installation v3.2.6 firmware is present.

Vigor Upgrade 0 - 2015-03-22_115836.png

Firmware upgrade page:

Vigor Upgrade 1 - 2015-03-22_115632.png

Select the v3.2.6.1 firmware 'all' file from the local computer:

Vigor Upgrade 2 - 2015-03-22_115710.png

Confirmation dialog:

Vigor Upgrade 3 - 2015-03-22_115736.png


Vigor Upgrade 4 - 2015-03-22_115742.png


Vigor Upgrade 5 - 2015-03-22_115814.png

The firmware version is updated to v3.2.6.1

Vigor Upgrade 6 - 2015-03-22_115959.png





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