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Ubiquiti US-16-XG 10GbE switch command line

The switch runs linux and has a limited set of commands available. Busybox provides most of the binaries. Ubntbox provides other platform specific utilities. These notes are written based on v3.7.33 of the switch firmware.

The command line interface can be accessed by telnet to locahost from the ssh shell.


# uname -a
Linux 10GSwitch 3.6.5 #1 SMP Thu Dec 22 14:40:07 PST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

SSH is available. Authenticate as a UniFi user using password based authentication. Access to the command line can also be obtained via the UniFi 'Debug Console' feature.


Show SFP Modules

From the command line:

US.v3.7.33# swctrl -f -d  sfp
Port  Vendor Name      Serial Number    Part Number      Rev  Compliance
----  ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---- ----------------
   1  FINISAR CORP.    PED0E8D          FCMJ-8521-3      4    1000T
   2  FINISAR CORP.    PCQ4JG2          FCMJ-8521-3      4    1000T
   5  Fiberstore       Z0612150001-2    SFP-10G-DAC           DAC
   6  CISCO-MOLEX      MOC1847A3DT      74752-9520       09   DAC
  11  CISCO-MOLEX      MOC160107SH      74752-9520       08   DAC

From the command line:

(UBNT) # show fiber-ports optics-info all

                         Link Link                                 Nominal
                       Length Length                                   Bit
                         50um 62.5um                                  Rate
Port     Vendor Name      [m] [m]  Serial Number    Part Number     [Mbps] Rev  Compliance
-------- ---------------- --- ---- ---------------- ---------------- ----- ---- ----------------
0/1      FINISAR CORP.    0   0    PED0E8D          FCMJ-8521-3       1200 4    1000T
0/2      FINISAR CORP.    0   0    PCQ4JG2          FCMJ-8521-3       1200 4    1000T
0/4      CISCO-MOLEX      0   0    MOC160107SH      74752-9520       10300 08   DAC
0/6      CISCO-MOLEX      0   0    MOC1847A3DT      74752-9520       10300 09   DAC


# swctrl -d env
General Temperature (C): 50
Fan Duty Level: 57
Temperature sensors:
Sensor     Temp (C)    State           Max Temp (C)
========== =========== =============== ============
PHY        40          Normal          44
REAR       46          Normal          50
CPU        50          Normal          54




UniFi Switch control utility v0.9 (c) Ubiquiti Networks
Usage: swctrl [options]
        -d <port|mac|poe>       show <port|mac|poe> table
        [-f] -d <sfp|cable>     show <sfp|cable> info [-f force update]
        -p port=<port_id>       show port <port_id>
        -p port=<port_id>,poe   show poe stats of port <port_id>
        -p reset-all            reset counters for all ports

        -b show                 show blocked station(s)
        -b mac=<macaddr>        block station
        -b remove,mac=<macaddr> unblock station
        -b file=<filename>      block station(s) listed in filename
        -b reset                clear all blocked station(s)

        -v                      verbose
        -h                      print this usage info



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