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FreeNAS v9.2.1.7 Installation Gallery

Boot the installation CDROM/ISO:

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_122646.png

 The system boots

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_123929.png


FreeNAS 2014-08-23_122941.png

 Select the disk to install to (in this case it is a 16G mSATA SSD):

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_123115.png


FreeNAS 2014-08-23_123228.png


FreeNAS 2014-08-23_123516.png

The reboot didn't work. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get the system to reboot:

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_123615.png


 A fresh console with no interfaces and no IP address.

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_124430.png

Once an Ipv4 address is configured the web interface can be viewed:

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_124801.png

Initial welcome page in the browser:

FreeNAS 2014-08-23_124817.png


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