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Reverse Proxy And Cache

With a single public IP address, with limited bandwidth, setup a reverse proxy to support virtual hosting, and hosting on various VM's. Support caching to improve the performance of the Plone site.

Page Installing Varnish Web cache on a CentOS 5 VM
Howto install and configure Varnish v1.1.2
Page Install NGINX
Page Howto setup Nginx with Server Name Indication TLS Extensions on CentOS 5
Howto get multiple https web sites with different server certificates on a single IP address using Nginx and OpenSSL v1.0.0
Folder images
Page Compiling EPEL Nginx 0.8.53 SRC.RPM with TLS SNI Support for CentOS 5
Page Compiling CentALT Nginx v1.1.4 with OpenSSL v1.0.0d
Page Rebuilding a Nginx reverse proxy with CentOS 6.x
Page OpenSSL v1.0.1x on CentOS v6.x (for Nginx 1.4)
Howto install OpenSSL v1.0.1 on CentOS 6 to get TLS v1.2 support
Page Setting Nginx http 'X-Forward-*' headers on a reverse proxy
Page Nginx OCSP Error messages
Page Nginx Amplify (beta) on CentOS 7
Page Increase Nginx file limits on CentOS v7.x
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