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Page iSCSI Enterprise Target v0.4.16 with Fedora
Howto compile the iSCSI Enterprise Target (IET)
Page OpenShowCenter with Apache HTTPD
Howto install openshowcenter on a CentOS 5.x VM using Apache HTTPD as a web server
Page Adding a XFS filesystem to CentOS 5
Howto use enterprise Linux 'extras' to mount a XFS filesystem on a CentOS v5.2 VM
Page Scaning for SCSI/libata hard disks
Howto scan the SCSI/SATA bus for devices when a warm-swap is required.
Page Manually creating a MD device (Linux software RAID array) and using LVM to allocate volumes
Creating an array for VM's with 6 disks.
Page A simple ssh server configuration
The following is a cut down ssh daemon configuration that supports public key authentication (only)
Page Using GNU parted to create a GPT for a device > 2TB
Howto create a partitioned device on a CentOS v5 VM for a XFS filesystem greater than 2TB in size
Page Using Centos 5.2 stateless Linux support on a flash based root filesystem
Notes on using stateless linux support with a compact flash based root filesystem.
Page SqueezeCenter v7.3.2-1 on a CentOS VM
Howto install Slim Devices SqueezeCenter server on a RHEL/CentOS VM
Folder Images
Page Squeeze Box Receiver (SBR) configuration using Net-UDAP
Howto configure a sqeezebox receiver (SBR) on CentOS
Page Using parted to create a RAID primary partition
Page SSD on nVidia MCP55 SATA port generates error 'EH in SWNCQ mode' and 'failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED'
Page Simple bash script to create a user with SSH key
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