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Page Creating a DJB Tiny DNS primary/secondary server
Historically I have created DNS servers, where all the authoritative data is from a single source. This document describes a script/procedure for collecting data from multiple sources. Previous I had used to act as a secondary, but this isn't working for me.
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Page Viridian - A CentOS based Power DNS (pdns) DNS server with PowerAdmin Web frontend
Howto install a pdns server, with a powerdns-on-rails web front end, on a CentOS x86_64 VM.
Page Setting up Unbound as an recursive caching DNS server
Page DNS Domain Check Web Tools
Page Enable DNSSEC for unbound resolver
Page A NSD v3.x secondary DNS server
Page Unbound as a recursive caching DNS Server on CentOS v7.1
Page NSD v4.1.6 on CentOS v7.x
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