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Upgrading a CentOS 5.3 VM from Asterisk v1.4 to v1.6

Starting with a ATRpms installation of Asterisk v1.4 on the CentOS v5.3 i386 installation, with dahdi support, use the bleeding repo from ATRpms to install Asterisk v1.6. This provides built in xmpp/jabber support.

Instal EPEL

The upgrade of Asterisk requires the libss7 library. Install the EPEL RPM repository to support this (and other libraries)

# rpm -Uvh 


At the time of writing Asterisk v1.6 is in ATRpms 'bleeding' repository, and some are in ATRpms 'testing'. Other libraries come from EPEL.

# yum --enablerepo atrpms-bleeding  --enablerepo atrpms-testing update

Post upgrade fixes

Once the upgrade of the code was completed, the following tweaks were required to the configuration:

  • Move the Asterisk database from /var/lib/asterisk/astdb to /var/db/asterisk/astdb
# mkdir /var/db/asterisk/
# chown asterisk.asterisk /var/db/asterisk/
# mv /var/lib/asterisk/astdb /var/db/asterisk/
  • Enable calls to JabberSend
  • Change calls to the voicemail app from 'VoiceMail(u<number>)' to 'VoiceMail(<number>,u)'
  • In sip.conf change 'secure=very' to a 'secure=port,invite'



yum update

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                        Arch        Version                 Repository            Size
 asterisk                       i386        1:        atrpms-bleeding      4.9 M
 asterisk-addons                i386        1:        atrpms-bleeding      489 k
 libgcrypt                      i386        1.4.0-15.el5            atrpms-testing        73 k
 libgpg-error                   i386        1.6-10.el5              atrpms-testing        46 k
 libogg                         i386        2:1.1.3-8.el5           atrpms-testing        26 k
 libvorbis                      i386        1:1.1.2-5.0.el5         atrpms-testing       8.0 k
 speex                          i386        1.2-0.11.rc1.el5        atrpms-testing        96 k
 yum                            noarch      3.2.22-4.el5            atrpms-bleeding      814 k
Installing for dependencies:
 freetds                        i386        0.64-11.el5.centos      extras               877 k
 gnupg                          i386        1.4.9-0_41.0.1.el5      atrpms-testing       2.0 M
 gnupg2                         i386        2.0.9-43.0.1.el5        atrpms               2.6 M
 gnutls                         i386        1.4.1-3.el5_2.1         base                 351 k
 gpgme                          i386        1.1.5-4.el5             epel                 259 k
 gsm                            i386        1.0.12-4.el5            epel                  28 k
 iksemel                        i386        1.2-13.el5              epel                  47 k
 jack-audio-connection-kit      i386        0.116.1-6.el5           atrpms               203 k
 libX11                         i386        1.0.3-9.el5             base                 795 k
 libXau                         i386        1.0.1-3.1               base                  18 k
 libXdmcp                       i386        1.0.1-2.1               base                  19 k
 libavc1394                     i386        0.5.3-1.fc6             base                  45 k
 libfreebob                     i386        1.0.0-3.0.el5           atrpms               154 k
 libgcrypt11                    i386        1.4.0-15.el5            atrpms-testing       223 k
 libiec61883                    i386        1.0.0-11.fc6            base                  37 k
 libksba                        i386        1.0.5-1.el5             epel                 114 k
 libraw1394                     i386        1.3.0-1.el5             base                  41 k
 libresample                    i386        0.1.3-7.el5             epel                  23 k
 libsndfile                     i386        1.0.17-2.el5            epel                 231 k
 libss7                         i386        1.0.1-3.el5             epel                  54 k
 libvorbis0                     i386        1:1.1.2-5.0.el5         atrpms-testing       100 k
 libvorbisenc2                  i386        1:1.1.2-5.0.el5         atrpms-testing        78 k
 libvorbisfile3                 i386        1:1.1.2-5.0.el5         atrpms-testing        20 k
 portaudio                      i386        19-8.el5                epel                  89 k
 pth                            i386        2.0.7-2.el5             epel                  90 k
 pygpgme                        i386        0.1-8.el5               atrpms-bleeding       30 k
 radiusclient-ng                i386        0.5.6-3.el5             epel                  44 k
 xorg-x11-filesystem            noarch      7.1-2.fc6               base                 5.4 k

Transaction Summary
Install     28 Package(s)
Update       8 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 15 M

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