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Fedora 12 x86_64 MythTV v0.22 Backend Server

An as-built document for a Fedora 12 MythTV backend server.

The machine is running Fedora 8 i386 with MythTV v0.21 backend. The purpose of this upgrade is to move to a 64bit OS, with the new MythTV 0.22 to support VDPAU on the front end, thus allowing support for HD terrestrial TV.

The hardware is:

  • an old dual CPU Tyan S2882 motherboard with single core Opterons
  • 7 500GB disks in a software RAID 6 configuration
  • a 512Meg compact flash card in a SATA adapter (boot disk)
  • 2 DVB-S tuners
  • 4 DVB-T tuners


Base Operating system

Install Fedora 12 on the machine with the minimum number of packages.

LVM is used across the RAID 6 array. A 16Gbyte volume is used for the EXT4 root filesystem, and another few GBytes for swap. The remainder is used as a XFS volume for the video. The compact flash device is used for a EXT3 /boot volume (as it is not possible to boot from a Linux software raid 6 volume with LVM).


The anaconda installer doesn't (appear to) support bonding and/or vlan configuration. The computer is attached to the local LAN with the two GbE interfaces bonded using 802.3ad, and IPv4/IPv6 addresses on VLAN id 112. The MTU is set to 9000 bytes (jumbo).

Manually install the vconfig package from the installation media, as a minimal install doesn't include the this package (and it is required for a VLAN tagged interface).

# rpm -Uvh vconfig-1.9-8.fc12.x86_64.rpm

 Add a '/etc/modprobe.d/bond0.conf' configuration for the bonded interfaces

alias bond0 bonding
options bond0 mode=802.3ad lacp_rate=fast miimon=100


# IPv4

# IPv6


# no ipv4/ipv6 addresses


# no ipv4/ipv6 addresses





# IPv4

# IPv6


# .2 is the primary IP address, and caching DNS server
# .3 internal authoritive DJB DNS server



Once the network is up, it is possible to apply all Fedora updates.


Reconfigure the open ssh daemon to only accept public key authentication, and copy user public keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. The configuration for the server '/etc/ssh/sshd_config' is:

Protocol 2
PermitRootLogin  no
PasswordAuthentication  no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication no
KeepAlive no
ClientAliveInterval 15
ClientAliveCountMax 9
SyslogFacility AUTHPRIV
Subsystem       sftp    /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server

Note: There was some issue that required a reboot after the updates were applied to get this to authenticate correctly with a public key. Restarting the sshd service did not resolve this issue (and I wanted to pick up the new kernel from the updates).

web proxy

Configure a local web proxy by setting environment variables in /etc/profile.d/

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=

disable selinux

edit the /etc/sysconfig/selinux configuration to disable selinux.

base packages

Install and configure the base packages that are useful in this environment.

# yum install lm_sensors nettop screen postfix lsscsi ntp bind-utils logwatch \
      logrotate which yum-utils vixie-cron perl traceroute man mlocate \
      powertop htop wget hdparm usbutils mtr irqbalance cpuspeed mdadm \

# for A in auditd netfs netplugd sendmail ; do chkconfig $A off ; service $A stop ; done
# rpm -e sendmail


Configure to forward all mail to the local smarthost (using the MX record). Make the following two changes to /etc/postfix/

---     2009-12-30 15:34:10.610793884 +1300
+++    2009-12-30 15:34:07.612794132 +1300
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@
 # to recipient addresses that have no @domain part.
 #myorigin = $myhostname
-myorigin = $mydomain
+#myorigin = $mydomain


@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@
 # If you're connected via UUCP, see also the default_transport parameter.
-relayhost = $mydomain
+#relayhost = $mydomain
 #relayhost = []
 #relayhost = [mailserver.isp.tld]
 #relayhost = uucphost
Configure the service to start at boot, and run it.
# for A in postfix ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A start ; done


Monitor all spinning disks, and perform a surface scan once a week. Update the smartd configuration '/etc/smartd.conf' as follows:

# 7 x 500G Samsumg array on broadcom controller
/dev/sdb -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sdc -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sdd -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sde -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sdf -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sdg -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m
/dev/sdh -d ata -H -W 0,0,50 -p -u -l error -l selftest -s L/../../7/04 -M test -m

Configure the service to start at boot, and run it (a test email should be sent).

# for A in smartd ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A start ; done


Monitor the RAID6 array.

DEVICE partitions
ARRAY /dev/md3 level=raid6 num-devices=7 UUID=5853cd01:e2e7a2f8:ac54d5af:b40ee26a

Configure the service to start at boot, and run it (a test email should be sent).

# for A in mdmonitor ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A restart ; done


Configure ntp to use local and remote servers.

# for A in ntpdate ntpd ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A restart ; done

MythTV Backend

To run a myth backend server, the following components are required:

  • the MythTV backend package
  • MySQL database
  • firmware for the DVB-T cards
  • the setup program to configure the backend
  • a VNC server to allow running the X based setup
  • a web server (lightty)
  • the Myth Web package

ATrpms repository

Install the repository using the supplied RPM package:

# rpm -Uvh
warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.i28YH5: Header V4 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 66534c2b
Preparing...                ########################################### [100%]
   1:atrpms-repo            ########################################### [100%]

After installing the repo perform a 'yum update' to verify the repository is being used, and verify which packages from the base fedora repository are also in the ATrpms repo.

Install the MythTV packages

# yum install mythtv-backend mythtv-setup mythweb mysql-server lighttpd lighttpd-fastcgi \
      x11vnc vnc-server xauth twm xorg-x11-xinit xterm \
       xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi xorg-x11-fonts-Type1

mythtv video filesystem

The video for mythtv is stored on a single XFS filesystem (i.e. the storage management is handled by Linux software RAID and LVM, not MythTV storage groups). Create the mount points:

# mkdir /mnt/{video,store}

Add the following to the /etc/fstab to mount the filesystem.

LABEL=/mnt/video        /mnt/video              xfs     rw              0 0
/mnt/video/store        /mnt/store              none    rw,bind         0 0

Mount the filesystem (mount -a), and verify.


This firmware is required by the DVB-T card. Without the firmware, the driver will complain with the following messages:

kernel: saa7134 0000:03:08.0: firmware: requesting xc3028-v27.fw
kernel: xc2028 4-0061: Error: firmware xc3028-v27.fw not found.[13487]: Cannot find  firmware file 'xc3028-v27.fw'

Udev will also report the missing firmware in '/dev/.udev/firmware-missing/'. Copy the firmware file 'xc3028-v27.fw' to /lib/firmware.


This is a migration from MythTV v0.21, so don't follow the initial database setup, but instead copy the old database into the mysql data directory.

# cp -av mythconverg /var/lib/mysql/

Start the MySql server

# for A in mysqld ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A start ; done

Reattach the'mythtv' user, as this information is stored in the 'mysql' database (not the 'mythconverg' database).

mysql -u root mythconverg
mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"" identified by "mythtv";
mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@localhost identified by "mythtv";
mysql> flush privileges;

MythTV setup

The setup program is graphical; however the machine is running headless, so use x11vnc and Xvfb to provide a minimal X environment. TODO: get a cohesive of instructions, and determine what really needs to be done here to have a simple one time run of the program.

Use a VNC client to connect to the machine to run mythtv-setup.

Note: The file ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt must be present. Even with this present, the setup program failed to backup/upgrade the database. Running mythbackend interactively was successful.

# x11vnc -storepasswd
# xinit -- /usr/bin/Xvfb :0 -cc 4 -screen 0 1280x1024x16 &
# x11vnc -display :0 -usepw &
# export DISPLAY=localhost:0
# mythtv-setup


Once the setup/configuration is complete, start the backend server process.

# for A in mythbackend ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A start ; done

Run mythfilldatabase to populate update the program listing

# mythfilldatabase


Mythweb runs on port 80 in a fire-walled environment, without the need for confidentially or access control. There are no other web services on the machine, so virtual hosting is not required.

Change the ownership of the mythweb files from apache to lightpd

# chown lighttpd.lighttpd -Rv /var/www/html/mythweb

In the main Lighttpd configuration file (/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf), enable the following modules

  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_setenv
  • mod_fastcgi
  • mod_cgi

Add a mythweb.conf file to /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/

$SERVER["socket"] == ":80" {

    server.document-root = "/var/www/html/mythweb"

    # Requiring authentication is a good idea if the server is publicly
    # accessible.  On a private server this section can be safely removed.
#    auth.backend = "htdigest"
#    auth.backend.htdigest.userfile = "/path/to/htdigest"
#    auth.require = (
#        "/" => (
#            "method"  => "digest",
#            "realm"   => "MythTV",
#            "require" => "valid-user"
#        )
#    )

    # Use fastcgi for the PHP parts
    fastcgi.server = (
        ".php" => ((
            "bin-path" => "/usr/bin/php-cgi",
            "socket"   => "/var/run/lighttpd/mythtv-php-fcgi.socket",
            "broken-scriptfilename" => "enable",
            "bin-environment" => (
                "db_server"   => "localhost",
                "db_name"     => "mythconverg",
                "db_login"    => "mythtv",
                "db_password" => "mythtv"

    # Environment variables for the Perl parts
    setenv.add-environment = (
        "db_server"   => "localhost",
        "db_name"     => "mythconverg",
        "db_login"    => "mythtv",
        "db_password" => "mythtv"

    cgi.assign = (
        ".pl"  => "/usr/bin/perl"

    url.rewrite-once = (
        "^/(css|data|images|js|themes|skins|[a-z_]+\.(php|pl)).*" => "$0",
        "^/(pl(/.*)?)$" => "/$1",
        "^/(.+)$"       => "/mythweb.php/$1",
        "^/(.*)$"       => "/mythweb.php"

    index-file.names           = ("mythweb.php", "index.php", "index.html", "index.htm", "default.htm")

Add lighttpd to the apache group, so that that it can read the mythweb content (otherwise the ownership will need to be changed every time mythweb is updated, and reverts back to being owned by apache.apache).

# usermod -a -G apache lighttpd

Start the server

# for A in lighttpd ; do chkconfig $A on ; service $A start ; done





base packages

MythTV packages

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                       Arch       Version                         Repository   Size
 lighttpd                      x86_64     1.4.23-1.fc12                   fedora      313 k
 lighttpd-fastcgi              x86_64     1.4.23-1.fc12                   fedora       40 k
 mysql-server                  x86_64     5.1.41-2.fc12                   updates     8.9 M
 mythtv-backend                x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      723 k
 mythtv-setup                  x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      150 k
 mythweb                       x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      1.4 M
 x11vnc                        x86_64     0.9.8-14.fc12                   fedora      835 k
Installing for dependencies:
 ConsoleKit                    x86_64     0.4.1-1.fc12                    fedora       82 k
 ConsoleKit-libs               x86_64     0.4.1-1.fc12                    fedora       17 k
 GConf2                        x86_64     2.28.0-3.fc12                   updates     963 k
 ORBit2                        x86_64     2.14.17-3.fc12                  fedora      160 k
 SDL                           x86_64     1.2.13-10.fc12                  fedora      183 k
 aalib-libs                    x86_64     1.4.0-0.18.rc5.fc12             fedora       61 k
 alsa-lib                      x86_64     1.0.21-3.fc12                   fedora      346 k
 amrnb                         x86_64                  atrpms      131 k
 amrwb                         x86_64                  atrpms      113 k
 apr                           x86_64     1.3.9-3.fc12                    fedora      123 k
 apr-util                      x86_64     1.3.9-2.fc12                    fedora       84 k
 apr-util-ldap                 x86_64     1.3.9-2.fc12                    fedora       15 k
 arts                          x86_64     8:1.5.10-11.fc12                updates     951 k
 atk                           x86_64     1.28.0-1.fc12                   fedora      171 k
 audiofile                     x86_64     1:0.2.6-11.fc12                 fedora       90 k
 avahi                         x86_64     0.6.25-5.fc12                   fedora      234 k
 avahi-glib                    x86_64     0.6.25-5.fc12                   fedora       19 k
 cairo                         x86_64     1.8.8-3.fc12                    fedora      288 k
 cdparanoia-libs               x86_64     10.2-5.fc12                     fedora       45 k
 cups-libs                     x86_64     1:1.4.2-20.fc12                 updates     311 k
 dirac-libs                    x86_64     1.0.2-3.fc12                    fedora      252 k
 directfb                      x86_64     1.4.2-3.fc12                    fedora      1.0 M
 eggdbus                       x86_64     0.5-2                           fedora       86 k
 esound-libs                   x86_64     1:0.2.41-3.fc12                 fedora       70 k
 ffmpeg                        x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms      186 k
 fftw                          x86_64     3.2.1-3.fc12                    fedora      1.0 M
 flac                          x86_64     1.2.1-6.fc12                    fedora      230 k
 fontconfig                    x86_64     2.8.0-1.fc12                    updates     186 k
 freeglut                      x86_64     2.6.0-1.fc12                    updates     172 k
 freetype                      x86_64     2.3.11-3.fc12                   updates     357 k
 gmp                           x86_64     4.3.1-5.fc12                    fedora      198 k
 gnome-vfs2                    x86_64     2.24.2-2.fc12                   fedora      794 k
 gnutls                        x86_64     2.8.5-1.fc12                    fedora      350 k
 gpm-libs                      x86_64     1.20.6-9.fc12                   updates      28 k
 gsm                           x86_64     1.0.13-2.fc12                   fedora       26 k
 gstreamer                     x86_64                updates     744 k
 gstreamer-plugins-base        x86_64                updates     896 k
 gstreamer-tools               x86_64                updates      22 k
 gtk2                          x86_64     2.18.5-4.fc12                   updates     3.2 M
 hal-libs                      x86_64     0.5.13-9.fc12                   fedora       67 k
 hicolor-icon-theme            noarch     0.11-1.fc12                     fedora       39 k
 httpd                         x86_64     2.2.14-1.fc12                   updates     799 k
 httpd-tools                   x86_64     2.2.14-1.fc12                   updates      66 k
 jack-audio-connection-kit     x86_64     0.118.0-1.fc12                  updates     170 k
 jasper-libs                   x86_64     1.900.1-14.fc12                 fedora      140 k
 lcms-libs                     x86_64     1.18-3.fc12                     fedora       95 k
 libICE                        x86_64     1.0.6-1.fc12                    fedora       51 k
 libIDL                        x86_64     0.8.13-2.fc12                   fedora       79 k
 libSM                         x86_64     1.1.0-7.fc12                    fedora       25 k
 libX11                        x86_64     1.3-1.fc12                      fedora      582 k
 libX11-common                 noarch     1.3-1.fc12                      fedora      188 k
 libXau                        x86_64     1.0.5-1.fc12                    fedora       21 k
 libXcomposite                 x86_64     0.4.1-2.fc12                    fedora       17 k
 libXcursor                    x86_64     1.1.10-1.fc12                   fedora       31 k
 libXdamage                    x86_64     1.1.2-1.fc12                    fedora       16 k
 libXdmcp                      x86_64     1.0.3-1.fc12                    fedora       21 k
 libXext                       x86_64     1.1-2.fc12                      updates      33 k
 libXfixes                     x86_64     4.0.4-1.fc12                    fedora       19 k
 libXfont                      x86_64     1.4.1-1.fc12                    fedora      128 k
 libXft                        x86_64     2.1.13-4.fc12                   fedora       47 k
 libXi                         x86_64     1.3-1.fc12                      fedora       32 k
 libXinerama                   x86_64     1.1-1.fc12                      fedora       15 k
 libXrandr                     x86_64     1.3.0-3.fc12                    fedora       29 k
 libXrender                    x86_64     0.9.5-1.fc12                    fedora       27 k
 libXtst                       x86_64                 fedora       21 k
 libXv                         x86_64     1.0.5-1.fc12                    fedora       21 k
 libXvMC                       x86_64     1.0.4-8.fc12                    fedora       22 k
 libXxf86vm                    x86_64     1.1.0-1.fc12                    fedora       18 k
 libasyncns                    x86_64     0.8-1.fc12                      fedora       24 k
 libavc1394                    x86_64     0.5.3-9.fc12                    fedora       43 k
 libavcodec52                  x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms      2.0 M
 libavdevice52                 x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms       22 k
 libavfilter1                  x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms       19 k
 libavformat52                 x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms      346 k
 libavutil50                   x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms       30 k
 libcaca                       x86_64     0.99-0.9.beta16.fc12            fedora      170 k
 libcdio                       x86_64     0.81-3.fc12                     fedora      235 k
 libdaemon                     x86_64     0.14-1.fc12                     fedora       28 k
 libdc1394                     x86_64     2.1.2-3.fc12                    fedora      110 k
 libdca0                       x86_64     0.0.5-4.fc12                    atrpms       88 k
 libfaac0                      x86_64     1.28-6.fc12                     atrpms       36 k
 libfaad2                      x86_64     1:2.7-16.fc12                   atrpms      141 k
 libfame                       x86_64     0.9.1-5.fc12                    atrpms      178 k
 libfontenc                    x86_64     1.0.5-2.fc12                    fedora       24 k
 libfreebob                    x86_64     1.0.11-6.fc12                   fedora      129 k
 libgudev1                     x86_64     145-14.fc12                     updates      53 k
 libiec61883                   x86_64     1.2.0-3.fc12                    fedora       34 k
 libjpeg                       x86_64     6b-46.fc12                      fedora      128 k
 libmad0                       x86_64     0.15.1b-4.fc12                  atrpms       54 k
 libmng                        x86_64     1.0.10-4.fc12                   fedora      156 k
 libmodplug                    x86_64     1:0.8.7-2.fc12                  fedora      148 k
 libmp3lame0                   x86_64     3.98.2-20.fc12                  atrpms      130 k
 libmpcdec                     x86_64     1.2.6-6.fc12                    fedora       25 k
 libmyth-0.22_0                x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      1.0 M
 libmythavcodec-0.22_0         x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      1.8 M
 libmythavformat-0.22_0        x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      317 k
 libmythavutil-0.22_0          x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms       40 k
 libmythdb-0.22_0              x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      220 k
 libmythfreemheg-0.22_0        x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      174 k
 libmythhdhomerun-0.22_0       x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms       39 k
 libmythlivemedia-0.22_0       x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      256 k
 libmythswscale-0.22_0         x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms       91 k
 libmythtv-0.22_0              x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      3.5 M
 libmythui-0.22_0              x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      529 k
 libmythupnp-0.22_0            x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms      240 k
 libogg                        x86_64     2:1.1.4-2.fc12                  fedora       20 k
 liboil                        x86_64     0.3.16-4.fc12                   fedora      114 k
 libopencore-amrnb0            x86_64     0.1.2-2.fc12                    atrpms       99 k
 libopencore-amrwb0            x86_64     0.1.2-2.fc12                    atrpms       49 k
 libpostproc51                 x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms       21 k
 libraw1394                    x86_64     2.0.4-1.fc12                    fedora       51 k
 libsmbclient                  x86_64     3.4.2-47.fc12                   fedora      1.4 M
 libsndfile                    x86_64     1.0.20-3.fc12                   updates     176 k
 libswscale0                   x86_64     0.5-31_git20091120.fc12         atrpms       73 k
 libsysfs                      x86_64     2.1.0-6.fc12                    fedora       42 k
 libtalloc                     x86_64     2.0.0-0.fc12                    fedora       19 k
 libtasn1                      x86_64     2.3-1.fc12                      fedora      232 k
 libthai                       x86_64     0.1.12-2.fc12                   fedora      168 k
 libtheora                     x86_64     1:1.1.0-1.fc12                  fedora      119 k
 libtiff                       x86_64     3.8.2-15.fc12                   fedora      265 k
 libusb1                       x86_64     1.0.3-1.fc12                    fedora       51 k
 libv4l                        x86_64     0.6.3-1.fc12                    fedora      103 k
 libvcdinfo0                   x86_64     0.7.23-9.fc12                   atrpms       91 k
 libvdpau                      x86_64     0.2-1.fc12                      fedora       23 k
 libvisual                     x86_64     0.4.0-9.fc12                    fedora      126 k
 libvncserver                  x86_64     0.9.7-3.fc12                    fedora      147 k
 libvorbis                     x86_64     1:1.2.3-3.fc12                  fedora      173 k
 libx264_79                    x86_64     0.79-11_20091119.2245.fc12      atrpms      235 k
 libxcb                        x86_64     1.4-2.fc12                      updates      97 k
 libxkbfile                    x86_64     1.0.6-1.1.fc12                  fedora       74 k
 libxvidcore4                  x86_64     1.2.2-13.fc12                   atrpms      420 k
 lzo-minilzo                   x86_64     2.03-3.fc12                     fedora       12 k
 mailcap                       noarch     2.1.31-1.fc12                   updates      26 k
 mesa-dri-drivers              x86_64     7.6-0.13.fc12                   fedora      1.3 M
 mesa-libGL                    x86_64     7.6-0.13.fc12                   fedora      136 k
 mesa-libGLU                   x86_64     7.6-0.13.fc12                   fedora      167 k
 mythtv-themes                 x86_64     0.22-223.fc12                   atrpms       11 M
 openjpeg-libs                 x86_64     1.3-6.fc12                      fedora       57 k
 pango                         x86_64     1.26.1-1.fc12                   updates     348 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib        x86_64     2.008-82.fc12                   fedora       69 k
 perl-Compress-Zlib            x86_64     2.008-82.fc12                   fedora       37 k
 perl-DBI                      x86_64     1.609-3.fc12                    fedora      695 k
 perl-HTML-Parser              x86_64     3.64-1.fc12                     fedora      115 k
 perl-HTML-Tagset              noarch     3.20-3.fc12                     fedora       16 k
 perl-IO-Compress-Base         x86_64     2.008-82.fc12                   fedora       58 k
 perl-IO-Compress-Zlib         x86_64     2.008-82.fc12                   fedora      123 k
 perl-Math-Round               noarch     0.06-4.fc12                     fedora       12 k
 perl-URI                      noarch     1.40-1.fc12                     fedora      117 k
 perl-libwww-perl              noarch     5.831-1.fc12                    fedora      366 k
 phonon                        x86_64     4.3.80-2.fc12                   updates     157 k
 phonon-backend-xine           x86_64     4.3.80-2.fc12                   updates     159 k
 php                           x86_64     5.3.1-1.fc12                    updates     1.1 M
 php-cli                       x86_64     5.3.1-1.fc12                    updates     2.1 M
 php-common                    x86_64     5.3.1-1.fc12                    updates     511 k
 php-mysql                     x86_64     5.3.1-1.fc12                    updates      74 k
 php-pdo                       x86_64     5.3.1-1.fc12                    updates      71 k
 pixman                        x86_64     0.16.4-2.fc12                   updates     136 k
 polkit                        x86_64     0.95-0.git20090913.3.fc12       fedora      150 k
 pulseaudio-libs               x86_64     0.9.21-1.fc12                   updates     427 k
 pulseaudio-libs-glib2         x86_64     0.9.21-1.fc12                   updates      21 k
 qt                            x86_64     1:4.5.3-9.fc12                  updates     3.1 M
 qt-mysql                      x86_64     1:4.5.3-9.fc12                  updates      54 k
 qt-sqlite                     x86_64     1:4.5.3-9.fc12                  updates      46 k
 qt-x11                        x86_64     1:4.5.3-9.fc12                  updates      13 M
 qt3                           x86_64     3.3.8b-28.fc12                  fedora      3.2 M
 samba-winbind-clients         x86_64     3.4.2-47.fc12                   fedora      927 k
 schroedinger                  x86_64     1.0.8-3.fc12                    updates     213 k
 sgml-common                   noarch     0.6.3-31.fc12                   updates      42 k
 shared-mime-info              x86_64     0.70-3.fc12                     fedora      209 k
 spawn-fcgi                    x86_64     1.6.2-1.fc12                    fedora       14 k
 speex                         x86_64     1.2-0.12.rc1.fc12               fedora       92 k
 tslib                         x86_64     1.0-2.fc12                      fedora       47 k
 wavpack                       x86_64     4.60-1.fc12                     fedora      111 k
 xine-lib                      x86_64     1.1.17-20.fc12                  atrpms      2.3 M
 xkeyboard-config              noarch     1.7-1.fc12                      updates     321 k
 xorg-x11-server-Xvfb          x86_64     1.7.1-7.fc12                    fedora      731 k
 xorg-x11-server-common        x86_64     1.7.1-7.fc12                    fedora       54 k
 xorg-x11-xkb-utils            x86_64     7.4-6.fc12                      fedora       85 k

Transaction Summary
Install     185 Package(s)
Upgrade       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 85 M

 Mysql first time startup

Initializing MySQL database:  Installing MySQL system tables...
Filling help tables...

To start mysqld at boot time you have to copy
support-files/mysql.server to the right place for your system

To do so, start the server, then issue the following commands:

/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password'
/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h password 'new-password'

Alternatively you can run:

which will also give you the option of removing the test
databases and anonymous user created by default.  This is
strongly recommended for production servers.

See the manual for more instructions.

You can start the MySQL daemon with:
cd /usr ; /usr/bin/mysqld_safe &

You can test the MySQL daemon with
cd /usr/mysql-test ; perl

Please report any problems with the /usr/bin/mysqlbug script!

The latest information about MySQL is available at
Support MySQL by buying support/licenses from
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